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When Corgi released their range of diecast models under the name of Classic Commercials in the 1990's it started a very popular trend for collecting models of old commercial vehicles. One of the vehicles depicted in this range was the Scammell Scarab and over the following years this was produced in a wide variety of liveries. These models were produced to the non-railway scale of 1:50.

Realising there was a ready market for models in 1:76 scale (or 4mm:ft / OO Gauge) Lledo introduced a diecast model of the Mechanical Horse in their popular Trackside series, this series later included the Scammell Scarab and Scammell Townsman and is now produced by Corgi. A more recent addition to the ranks of diecast 3-wheeled Scammells is the range which is produced by Oxford Diecast in both 1:76 and 1:148 scales. This latter range is unique in that it also includes models of the Scarab and Mechanical Horse in rigid 3 wheeler format (Trivan). Oxford also produce models of the Scammells for Hornby, the model railway company, for their Skaledale range of trackside accessories. The photo alongside shows a busy scene on Ian Townell's 4mm scale British Railways goods yard diorama.

We are currently updating the model pages and adding links to a series of photo galleries of the models produced by a wide range of companies. Our goal is to produce a gallery for each manufacturer, the first ones can be viewed in the following links:

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