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Severn Valley Railway   The Severn Valley Railway has been running as a heritage railway for more than 50 years and is the 6th longest standard gauge heritage line in the UK. It mostly follows the scenic course of the River Severn from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth and has a number of railway related places to visit, including a nice museum at Kidderminster Town station. The Friends of Kidderminster Town Station own and maintain a 6-ton Mechanical Horse in GWR livery but unfortunately it's not on general public display. However, it sometimes makes an appearance at special events such as vehicle gatherings when The Mechanical Horse Club also puts on a display. Website    


British Commercial Vehicle Museum   Located in Leyland, Lancashire the museum is dedicated to the history of wagons, vans and buses and has around 60 vehicles on display including a 1934 Scammell Mechanical Horse which was used within the Watford factory. The display also includes a Reliant Ant. Website    


Micromaniacs   Friendly and fun club for owners and enthusiasts of all 3 or 4 wheeled microcars, whether classic or modern, and any other 3 wheeler vehicle. Club members own, or have owned, a wide range of vehicles including the usual Isettas and Bonds etc, but also Scammells and Reliant TW9s. Micromaniacs Website    


Reliant Owners Club   The ROC was formed more than 50 years ago and membership is open to both owners and those interested in all models produced by Reliant since 1935. ROC Website    


Scammell Register   Founded more than 25 years ago, the Register caters for all Scammell vehicles but has a greater emphasis on the larger ones (ie those with 4 wheels or more!) Website    


Scammell Scarab, Townsman and MH Group on Flickr   The Flickr photo sharing website has a group dedicated to the Mechanical Horse - definitely worth having a look! Website    


Scootacar Register   The website for the Scootacar microcar (often referred to as the telephone box on wheels) which was produced by the world famous railway loco manufacturer, The Hunslet Engine Company, between 1957 and 1965. Website    


Piaggio   Ken Johnson is a 3 wheeler enthusiast living in Ontario, Canada whose main interest is restoring Piaggio and Vespa vehicles. He has also built an excellent website which includes a huge gallery of photos of all kinds of 3 wheeled vehicles from around the world (Motocarro Mundo). Two areas of particular interest are the section on the Piaggio Pentaro (articulated version) and some images of Australian variants of the Scammell Mechanical Horse. Website    


Wikipedia   Mechanical Horse enthusiast Matthew Hodder has created a page on the Wikipedia website which is dedicated to the Scammell Mechanical Horse and gives a good overview of the three versions. The Wikipedia entry can be viewed here: Wikipedia    


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