The Mechanical Horse in Miniature

Since the introduction of the Mechanical Horse in the mid 1930s it has been a popular subject for toy and model makers. The London toy company Charbens produced one of the first die cast models of the Scammell Mechanical Horse whilst Dinky were producing die cast models of the Karrier Cob in the 1930's. Since those early days a number of companies have produced a variety of toys and models in different scales. Some more specialised companies have also produced white metal kits for the more experienced modellers, often in scales suitable for the model railway enthusiast. A number of club members have also made working models in much larger scales; some of these can be driven whilst others are fitted with radio control. With such a large variety of models we've divided them up into the different categories seen in the links below.

Bassett-Lowke Demonstration Models Large Scale Working Models
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