Vintage Toys

      Charbens Mechanical Horse

Charbens was founded in 1929 by 2 brothers - Charles and Benjamin Reid. They began by making lead toys but changed to mazac after the second world war. The models were generally very primitive and fragile compared to those produced by Lesney. The companys main business was lead figures but they also produced vehicles with number 30 in the range being the Mechanical Horse. 125mm in length, 2 versions were produced, the most common one is in the GWR livery but some were also produced in LNER colours; these only appeared in the catalogue for one year and are now extremely rare. 'Charbens Made in England' is cast on the underside of the cab roof. Charbens ceased making diecast toys in 1967.  


      Dinky Karrier Cob

First introduced in 1935, the Karrier Cob was available with a number of trailer options and in a variety of liveries, it was also as part of a set that included four or five trailers.. Production stopped in 1941 but began again after the war. The original price was three shillings and one penny (16p). Examples of some of the liveries and further details can be found by clicking on the image to the left. (photo: Chris Took)

      Dinky Hindle Smart Helecs Articulated Electric Lorry 

The Dinky Hindle Smart Helecs was introduced in 1953 and was no 30w in the range. It was renumbered 421 in 1954 and stayed in production until 1960. Introduced at a price of three shillings and eleven pence (20p) this toy was only available in maroon livery with a British Railways transfer on the front of the cab unit. (photo: Chris Took)

      Budgie Toys Scammell Scarab

Budgie produced toys from the late 1950's and preferred to make models of subjects which weren't so common. One of these was the Scammell Scarab, which was a very realistic toy that offered 'good play value' due to its simple but sturdy construction. Always popular, it remained in production until the 1990's and carried a number of liveries over the years - examples of the liveries and further details can be found by clicking on the image.

      Crescent Toys Scammell Scarab

Crescent Toys was founded in 1922 by Henry Eagles and Arthur Schneider, they were originally based in London but moved to South Wales in the 1940's. The Scammell Scarab was available as model number 1276 with an Esso tanker trailer between 1955 and 1959, this trailer was also available in the Shell/BP livery. Other trailer options were a dropside open wagon and a lowloader, complete with winch. The automatic coupling device was well represented on this toy and was operated by tilting the engine cover. Further details can be found by clicking on the image.


      Lesney Matchbox Scammell Scarab

First introduced in 1955 as no 10a in the 1-75 series, the Scammell Scarab Mechanical Horse and Trailer was produced in one colour scheme: a crimson red tractor unit with a light grey trailer. Gold paint was hand applied to the cab trim. The total length of this toy was 2 1/4" (56mm). One casting change took place which saw an extra brace added to the underside of the trailer, just above the axle. The front axle was fitted with a 6 x 18mm grey metal wheel whilst the rear axle and trailer had 7 x 18mm wheels. This model was discontinued in 1958 and was replaced by 10b which was also a Scammell Scarab but made to a larger scale, measuring 2 15/16" long (74mm). This larger version was available with either a crimson or maroon tractor unit and a tan trailer. Initially the cab trim was hand painted gold as with the previous version but later versions had spray painted silver trim. Extra detail was also added in the form of mudguards over the rear wheels (10a didn't have them). Early versions of 10b had 8.5 x 18mm grey metal wheels whilst later ones had 8 x 18mm grey plastic ones. The Scarab was deleted from the range in 1961.

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